March 17th 2018

Congratulations to all my CANN colleagues who are certified in Nursing and for those who hold additional Specialty Certification. Monday March 19 is National Nursing Certification day.
CANN was the inaugural Nursing Specialty to become Certified and we can not forget our colleagues who led this charge and put Neuroscience Nursing on the Certification map in 1991. Thank you.
For colleagues embarking on the Certification process, thank you for embracing the challenge of Certification. Reach out to your Neuro colleagues and CANN for support. Know you are not alone in this endeavor.
I commend all of you for your comittment to Neuroscience nursing. Your patients, their families and your colleagues will benefit from your expertise and example. Be proud of who you are and for those you inspire.

Jodi Dusik Sharpe RN BN CNNC
President, CANN

Christianne Krassman