June 20th 2018

Happy Neuroscience Nurses day to all our CANN colleagues. June 20 is an important date to our specialty. I encourage you to celebrate your commitment to not only the profession of Nursing but to the specialty of Neurosciences.

As I reflected on the CANN “means to me” campaign, many descriptors came to mind....compassion, advocacy, resilience, encouragement, leadership, kindness, pursuit of excellence, hope, friendship, heartbreak, dedication, motivation, research, best practise, strength, and comradery to name a few.

One word that repeatedly came to mind though was pride. We have much to be proud of as a specialty, as an association and as a profession. Be proud of who you are and the nurse you have become, be proud of your colleagues and their contributions, be proud of the impact you have had in someone’s life and most of all, know how proud we are of you.

Kindest regards,

Jodi Dusik Sharpe

President, CANN

Christianne Krassman