June 19th 2017 message:

Hello my fellow Neuroscience Nurses and CANN colleagues.

June 20 is National Neuroscience Nurses day! Take a moment to reflect on your practice and what the specialty of Neuroscience nursing means to you....take a moment to think about the countless patients and families that your skill and passion has left an indelible mark on their lives....take a moment to pay tribute to lost colleagues... to your mentors... to the students whose careers who have helped shape.... to the Neuroscience teams you have been a part of, perhaps lead, perhaps built....to the research you have been a part of or initiated...to the difference you make in the lives of your patients, your colleagues, and your families....take a moment.

However you spend the day tomorrow, I urge you to congratulate yourself on embracing a professional specialty that challenges you and demands the highest standards of care. Be proud of who you are and the practice you uphold, be kind to your colleagues and celebrate their contributions to the field of Neuroscience Nursing.

Take a moment to thank your neuro family for all they do, for who they are and how they make you better. If you are reading this, know that I just did.

Happy Neuroscience Nurses day!

Jodi Dusik Sharpe RN BN CNN(C)

President, CANN

Christianne Krassman