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CNA Neuroscience Certification Exam Prep Course

The course format includes PowerPoint presentations, videos, lectures, case studies and readings that cover general neuro-anatomy and pathophysiology.  Test questions are offered at the end of each lecture.  

There is no cost for this course.  It is offered to both Canadian and International nurses with the intent of providing an online learning experience. This Course is self-paced and designed to support your success in passing the neuroscience certification exam.

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To access the CNA Neuroscience Certification Course:

 (The website does not work with Internet Explorer)  

Choose Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

Go to URL:

 Choose the one course available: CNA Neuroscience Certification May 2019

Go to "Enrol for Free"; you will have to register with Eliademy and provide your name, e-mail, and a password to gain access to the course.

 If you have any issues with registration or questions about the course, please contact Martine Andrews or Janice Williams for more information. 

The CNA Certification Program is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills expected of a nurse with at least two years of experience in a given specialty.  CNA Certification exams test participants based on national standards created by nursing experts rather than a core curriculum of study.

 Because the exam assesses experience, preparation will be based on what nurses already know. This course is designed to review and examine practice areas that nurses may not be exposed to (example - stroke, movement disorders, epilepsy etc.). Course content includes topics listed in the CNA Guidelines and Competencies for Neuroscience Nursing.  The exam blueprint and competencies are available at: