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Jessie Young graduated from the Toronto General Hospital’s School of Nursing in 1937 and obtained a diploma in Hospital Administration and Teaching from the University of Toronto in 1940. Although she spent most of her career at the Toronto General, she also worked in England as an R.C.A.F. matron for 2 years, taught a nursing assistant course for several years and spent 5 years in San Francisco. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the San Francisco State College in 1954 before returning to the Toronto General where she stayed for the rest of her career, working as supervisor of the neurosurgery unit and in staff development.

Jessie Young Founder of CANN

Jessie Young Founder of CANN


Board of Directors


President: Aline Bourgoin

Vice President / Secretary: Trudy Robertson

Past President: Maxime Boutin- Caron

Treasurer: Suzanne Basiuk


Provincial Councilors

Alberta North: Errol Isaac

Alberta South: Andrea Cole- Haskayne

British Columbia- Lower Mainland: Lori Arce

British Columbia- Vancouver Island: Carla McGovern and Kate Phillips

Manitoba: Rodney Gallego and Rainier Carlos

New Brunswick/PEI: Ashley Neill

Newfoundland: Linda Mercer

Nova Scotia: Lucie Appleby

Ontario Central: Grissel Crasto

Ontario East: Brammiya Sivakumar

Ontario West: Lynda Ryall-Henke

Quebec: Maria Damian and Gabriel Domocos

Saskachewan: Jodi Johnson and Aaron Gardner

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Committees and Portfolios

Legislation and Bylaws: Maxime Boutin- Caron

Membership: (Interim) Andrew Kwan

Professional Practice and Research: Sue Kadyschuk

Executive Corporate Funding and Sponsorship: Noorin Darvesh

Editor CJNN: Corbin Lippert and Shauna Brady

Communications and Marketing: Christianne Krassman

Archivist: (Interim) Andrew Kwan

WFNN Rep: Sue Kadyschuk

Program Chair 2020: Jodi Johnston and Aaron Gardner

Scientific Chair 2020: Ruth Whelan and Nicole Kindrachuk

Program Liaison: Maxime Boutin-Caron

Scientific Liaison: Line Beaudet

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